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Welcome to the Sunshine Coast !
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Angela—Photo by Nancy Seiberling

Blueberry Island
Planking whitefish at Blueberry Island

Angela & Ron's House
"The front of our house. You can see the bay window to my office."

Angela by waterfall
Waterfall at Desolation Sound, Tekurn Arm

Deer Group Islands, Barkley Sound, on the west coast of Vancouver Island

On Lineham Ridge on the British Columbia eastern border looking east toward Alberta

Ruby Lake on the Sunshine Coast

Angela knitting with Nancy

Angela and Nancy out for a walk

The curving path

Lake Superior—1950s
At Promontory Point, near Laughing Brook, in the 50s

Waterton Lakes National Park in the Canadian Rockies—elevation 8,500 feet

Angela in Garden
Angela in her garden near 100 Mile House

Angela in Garden—later year
Angela in her garden near 100 Mile House—in another year

Angela with Nancy
Angela with Nancy in May, 2007

Angela at the beach
Angela at the beach

Angela and Grace together
Angela and Grace together

Angela on an adventure in Rosta Rica
Angela on an adventure in Rosta Rica in 2018

Angel's slide show


»  —Gocha Sutra


Angela says, "Your worth is beyond the sun and the moon and the stars."

200 moon


The Golden Rule Across Cultures


Dancing at the Mall ...

Angela's home at Roberts Creek ...


Laughing Brook flowers ...



Welcome to Angela's Knitting Projects

04-13 project - front

A 2013 project—front

04-13 project - front

The 2013 project—back

bead sweater

Sweater with beads, 2013

bead sweater detail

Sweater with beads—detail

Freeform knitting

Angela's freeform knitting

2014 sweater front

2014 sweater front

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